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All you need to find out about post-sex anxiety

Crying after intercourse is not uncommon for me personally. Neither is a sudden feeling of overwhelming panic and dread.

I’ve anxiety, despair, and obsessive thoughts, so abruptly worrying that everybody Everyone loves is dead is quite standard – but I’d realized that these ideas were showing up with greater regularity just after intercourse.

I would ike to be clear. I’m speaing frankly about good intercourse. Great intercourse, actually. Absolutely Nothing terrible or upsetting in in any manner.

I’d heard about post-sex blues, but anxiety that is never post-sex. I desired to learn so I chatted to a psychologist to find out if I was alone in this phenomenon, whether there’s actually a link, or if my post-sex anxiety is actually hiding deep-rooted trauma related to sex.

Yes, post-sex anxiety is just a thing

So, post-sex anxiety boils down to two choices – either it’s down seriously to genuine sexual-related anxieties, or it is a hormonal a reaction to making love. In any event, it’s totally you’re and real perhaps perhaps maybe not imagining the bond.

‘Experiencing some anxiety pertaining to intercourse is quite typical, ’ Dr Michael Yates, medical psychologist in the Havelock Clinic, informs Metro.co.uk.

‘Although there is certainly proof that experiencing anxiety around intercourse is much more typical in the ones that have seen anxiety and despair more generally within their everyday lives, it’s important to remember that anxious emotions in intercourse can occur to anybody.

‘For lots of people, anxiety in intimate situations just isn’t connected by any means to wider difficulties that are psychological could be skilled quite especially in intimate situations just. Læs resten