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May be the spouse obliged to pay on their spouse if she actually is working? Does the right be had by him to simply take any such thing of her income?

Praise be to Allah

Into the response to question no. 3054, we quoted adequate proof through the Quran and Sunnah, and scholarly opinion, to show that it really is obligatory for the spouse to blow on their spouse, based on their means, and therefore he doesn’t have the right in order to make her buy her very own costs, even in the event this woman is rich, except along with her contract.

This paying for the wife’s upkeep includes every thing regarding her clothes, winter and summer. It doesn’t suggest if she already has clothing, some of which she may not have worn that he has to do that every year or every season, even. And it also does not always mean which he ought not to do this except whenever her clothes need replacing. Instead clothing her ought to be done according to exactly just what their spouse requirements and their capability to buy her clothing, without that having an effect on their other commitments, or, since the Quran places it, it ought to be on a fair foundation:

“Upon the daddy may be the mothers’ supply and their clothes based on what exactly is acceptable (on an acceptable basis).”

Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy whether he is well off, of moderate means, or in financial difficulty on him) said: That is, it should be in line with what is customary among women like her in her country, without any extravagance or stinting, and according to what the husband can afford. Læs resten