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The advantages and disadvantages of Dating on line being a Tall Woman

“It must certanly be tough to date since you’re therefore high. ” That has been some dude’s starting message in my opinion on an on-line dating website. Really, it is tough to date because, uh, you are an idiot is really what I happened to be thinking. But their remark stuck beside me. (demonstrably, because i am currently talking about it. )

First things first, i am perhaps maybe maybe not freakishly high, simply above average—5 legs 10-1/2 ins to be exact. Growing up, I happened to be always the tallest woman within the course, the tallest kid when you look at the space sometimes—a good base above everybody else. Needless to say I became self-conscious of the fact; i might slouch, hide into the straight straight back, do just about anything i possibly could to shrink away. Læs resten