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Can I Divorce my Partner for Withholding Intercourse?

A little more than once a week (or 58-68 times each year) despite the ubiquity of jokes about wedding bells serving as the death knell for a couple’s sex life, research shows that the majority of married couples have sex. In reality, 7.5% of partners report sex daily. Though there’s no exact “normal” amount of intimate encounters for a couple of, a intimate relationship that both partners feel pleased by is important for a healthy and balanced relationship. Experts define a marriage that is sexless having sex less than ten times in an offered 12 months. In this situation, you are not alone; 12% of all married couples report that they have not had sex in more than three months, and more than 6% of married women report that they have not sex with their spouse in over a year if you have found yourself. Læs resten