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Your 10-Day Want To B-School Application that is writing Essays

I found the essays to be the hardest part of the process when I applied to b-school last fall. It felt similar to of my application had been away from my control—it ended up being too late I really wanted to knock the essays out of the park for me to make major changes to my work experience or GMAT score—so.

Easier in theory, appropriate?

In the event that you’ve been procrastinating in your essays as you don’t understand where to start, don’t worry! I’ve devised a 10-day intend to not merely assist you to power during your essays, but that will help you compose people which are certain to wow. Dedicate about 2-3 hours each to the steps below, and you’ll be done before you know it day.

Times 1-3: Gear Up

Starting out can be really difficult—but you don’t need certainly to face that blank little bit of paper (er, Word document) yet. You will find several things you ought to do before scuba scuba diving for the reason that will allow you to begin the right track.

On the next couple of days, concentrate on the following tasks, and you’ll not merely have honed in on your own subjects, you’ll have gotten your self halfway to an essay that is finished. Læs resten