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Eligibility Criteria for Education Loans in India

The interest rates for such loans range from 8.45% to 15.2% pa. And come with flexible tenures up to 15 years if you are searching for an education loan. The quantity that you could borrow may be Rs. 1.5 crore or higher according to the banking institutions policies. Education loans can be used to also gain income tax advantages under area 80 ( Ag E).

Kinds of Education loans in Asia

An training loan is made to economically assist the applicant in affording the expense of training. The loans can be classified based on two parameters since, the it caters to customers going for higher studies

  • Precise location of the institute (Asia or abroad): There are several banking institutions in the country that provide loans designed for pupils whom aim research in Asia as well as those that seek to study abroad. Læs resten