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Father confronts Elizabeth Warren over her education loan debt plan: ‘We get screwed’

Father confronts Elizabeth Warren over her education loan financial obligation plan: ‘We have screwed’

Warren’s intend to get rid of $640 billion of education loan financial obligation and then make college free isn’t sitting well with voters who worked difficult to spend down their loans; reaction on ‘The Five. ‘

This will be a rush transcript from “The Five, ” January 24, 2020. This content is almost certainly not in its form that is final and be updated.

Week NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Republicans still hope to wrap this up so quickly that it could be done by the end of next. We will see. Tomorrow in the meantime, I’ll see you. Here comes The Five.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX INFORMATION HOST: Hello, everyone else. I am Juan Williams along side Katie Pavlich, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, and Gregory Gutfeld. It really is 5 o’clock in new york. This is basically the five. Democratic home supervisors are making their arguments that are final the impeachment test of President Trump. Læs resten