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My Gay Companion By Tony Bravo, Illustrated by Jenifer Wofford

“C an you come beside me towards the doctor? ” The text was from Jacqueline, my mate and confidante since 1852 (more or less) and also the only woman we ever kissed. Don’t have the incorrect concept: we had been in Westside tale together as soon as we had been 10.

If Jacs and I also required each other, “yes” had been suggested. “Are you unwell? ” I inquired.

“It’s the sort of visit where just my GBF can do. ”

Nothing more must be stated.

In san francisco bay area there are two types of male/female pairings. A person could be the heterosexual coupling. The second is the GBF/straight woman duo. GBF: Gay Closest Friend. That’s my globe: certainly one of friendships that have lasted longer than romantic entanglements, hours conspiring inside our secret language, as well as on a few occasions, trying to puzzle out what type of us the ambiguous hot man had been striking on.

Like a Tibetan lama, GBFs are created, perhaps not made. I’ve developed a couple of theories in regards to the reason behind these relationships that are special.

1. Biology: Around puberty same intercourse inclined males usually become alienated from male peers at roughly the moment that is same are trained to see feminine peers as competition. Læs resten