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ESports Gambling Now Fully Recognized Under Nevada Law, Gov. Sandoval Signs Parimutuel Bill

ESports betting is finally getting the kind of recognition the space that is rapidly emerging deserves. Over the weekend, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) made wagering on competitive video gaming fully legal.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has formally made eSports gambling an activity that is legal hawaii.

By signing a bill that adds the tournaments to the state’s parimutuel code, Governor Sandoval solidified the legality of eSports betting in the state of Nevada for the future that is foreseeable.

Senate Bill 240, authored by State Sen. Becky Harris County that is(R-Clark) amends Nevada’s legislation on parimutuel wagering to include ‘other events’ than just horse races, animal races, and athletic sporting events.

The legislation will allow Silver State sportsbooks to take odds on everything from eSports to who will win Best Actor at the Oscars. It won’t, however, allow for gambling on politics.

SB 240 had been passed unanimously by both the Nevada Assembly and Senate. Sandoval’s signature on the statute arrived as no surprise.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, a three-member panel appointed by the governor, signed off for a recommendation from the state’s Gaming Policy Committee to allow books to take eSports wagers fall that is last. The Downtown Grand’s William Hill sportsbook soon after became the very first location to just take eSports bets.

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Oklahoma Legislature Up in Smoke Over Gambling and Cigarettes, Pennsylvania Too

The Oklahoma Legislature has reached an impasse on the so-called sin industries of gambling and cigarettes.

Oklahoma House Minority Leader Scott Inman wants to expand gaming, but his Republican constituents think he should put that idea in his pipe and smoke it.

Both the Oklahoma Senate and House are controlled by the GOP, but that’sn’t stopping the minority party from blocking a smoking tax increase proposed by House Republicans.

Democrats into the lower chamber are doing so in order to give their side leverage in ongoing spending plan negotiations, and their wishes to expand gambling and allow casinos that are tribal offer roulette and dice games.

Oklahoma lawmakers are searching for ways to close an $878 million money gap. While Republicans can pass the budget of their choosing, they need a vote that is three-fourths raise tobacco cigarette taxes, therefore the 26 Democrats in the 101-member House are not budging.

‘We’ve said all along that the cigarette income tax is a Band-Aid for a bullet gap,’ Oklahoma House Minority Leader Scott Inman (D-District 94) told the Associated Press. ‘You’ve surely got to have additional revenue.’

This the House and Senate budget committees recommended a $1.50 per cigarette pack tax increase week. To help make the budget whole with only that tariff hike, Oklahomans would roughly need to purchase 585.3 million packs of smokes.

GOP Extinguishes Gambling

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