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“Look deeply into nature, after which you can expect to better understand everything.”


The Cactus King provides the biggest collection of cacti and succulents obtainable in the world! It’s imperative to your owner, Mr. Lyn Rathburn, that town most importantly have actually the same use of these magical flowers as special enthusiasts, museums, botanical gardens, zoos and landscapers. We love our flowers and want to distribute the joy they bring us aided by the sleep worldwide.

Kingly Shipping Methods

Wait, wait. That you do not are now living in Texas? We have been therefore sorry, that must be actually tough! In terms of delivery, however, that is not any issue. The Cactus King ships to every state in america in addition to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Inhale friend that is easy The King has you covered. There’s absolutely no product sales income tax for customers found outside of Texas. For those surviving in the great state of Texas, neighborhood product product sales income tax of 8.25per cent will likely be applied to your purchase total. State and law that is federal forbids worldwide deliveries.

To confirm rates and access, call text that is OR281) 591-8833 for help. Thank you.

Typical Inquiry reaction Time ( from your friendly, imperial monarch)

The Cactus King and other commercial nurseries that sell typical gardening flowers aren’t able to use into the exact same fashion. Mr. Rathburn is just a trained, expert botanist in a currently very specific portion of horticulture/botany (cacti and succulents). Our nursery is run by way of group of ten, committed workers. Each group user must go through months of circuit training before having the ability to fulfill also the easiest of consumer needs.

We strive to answer all inquiries in a manner that is timely. Please enable as much as 2 company times for the reaction. The normal reaction time is 1-2 hours. For urgent issues, please contact us via phone at (281) 591-8833 (call OR text).

Many thanks for your cooperation and persistence.

Shop On Line Just Like A King!

The King decreed that the internet minimal purchase amount be paid down from $50.00 to $25.00! All hail! All hail!

Our nursery has become proudly providing a digital check re re re payment choice (ACH payments), via a secure portal that is online. This re re payment choice will be formally available on our site within 24-48 hours. A link can be sent to accommodate said request for those wishing to make a purchase beforehand. To do this, please follow the actions below.

1. Finish your order online 2. Text your order number/”ACH” to The King’s phone line: (281) 591-8833 3. Wait to get a hyperlink to our protected, online re re payment portal 4. Carefully proceed with the guidelines on the supplied ACH portal to perform payment 5. Congratulate your self to make the best purchase in your life

The Cactus King will be accepting

1. Checks 2. cash purchases 3. Cash (We do not suggest cash that is sending mail as there isn’t any paper path)

Please mail internet order payments to:

Lyn Rathburn PO Box 16099 Houston, TX 77222

Please make checks and cash orders down to “The Cactus King.” Many thanks!

Regal Eco-Friendly Techniques

Playing environmentally sustainable growing techniques is at the crux regarding the Cactus King’s philosophy. Apart from the beauty and miracle that cacti and succulents bring ( and it is significant), they save an unbelievable amount of water.

The Cactus King utilizes around 250 thousand gallons of water yearly. A nursery associated with size that is same offers other popular gardening flowers, uses anywhere from 5 million to 12 million gallons of water each MONTH! No necessity is seen by us in compromising the needs of the planet for the requirements of our company.

Unique Event? It’s Your Time To Be The King!

It’s no real surprise which our clientele see us as a location, maybe not only a shop to get another item. The Cactus King’s clients frequently make the journey from various nations, metropolitan areas and states. They enter with a appearance of wonder and magic on their faces. Botany students from surrounding universities come to see or watch and photograph our collection that is diverse of and succulents. Brides and grooms become usually come to simply just simply take wedding and engagement pictures.

The miracle of types of cacti and succulents from all over the globe will very nearly undoubtedly compliment your special event. Whether you’re taking family members photos, celebrating an engagement or don’t mind spending time in botany, The Cactus King could be the destination for you personally.

The price to just take photographs at our nursery is $40.00 per half hour.

Phone text that is OR281) 591-8833 today to make a booking!

Business customers (The King hangs difficult)

RoboCop (1987) RoboCop 2 (1990) Hot Pursuit (2015)

United States Of America system’s Queen associated with the South (2019)

Nyc Botanical Gardens Oklahoma City Zoo/Botanical Gardens Mercer Arboretum in Houston, Texas Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Houston, TX Zoo San Antonio, TX Zoo

Houston, TX Rodeo

The Cactus King’s cacti and succulents have gone worldwide! should anyone ever get in Asia by having a small free time, check out the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. It’s the aquarium that is largest worldwide (no big deal, pun undoubtedly meant).

The Cactus King’s flowers will also be showcased within the Ocean that is chimelong Kingdom partner areas. These generally include their water park, enjoyment park, crocodile park and botanical gardens.

Featured Items

Succulent present Pack (12 succulents each)

Unique event? Birthday? Anniversary? You can buy piece of technology which is outdated in a few months Or perhaps you could offer that unique individual a thing that has withstood the test of the time (like, we do not understand. 470 million years).

The regal, the royal succulent present pack will certainly please all succulent fans for years whether they are just beginning their collection or have been at it. The Cactus King’s expert staff will select 12 of our best 4″ succulents and ship them to your property today. We truly do not require an additional iPad rusting away in a landfill.

Cactus present Pack (6 cacti each)

Unique day? Birthday? Anniversary? You could obtain a piece of technology which is outdated in a few months OR you could provide that unique person a thing that has withstood the test of time (like, we don’t know. 470 million years).

The regal, the royal cactus present pack is sure to please all cactus fans if they are simply starting their collection or are at it for a long time. The Cactus King’s expert staff will select 6 of our most useful 4″ cacti and ship them to your house today. We undoubtedly do not require yet another iPad rusting away in a landfill.

Wait, wait. 6 cacti for $21 Take that true home Depot!

Echinocactus grusonii

The Echinocactus grusonii is native to main Mexico. It grows into the Rio Moctezuma Valley ( in close proximity to the Zimapan Dam, Mesa de Leon ), Queretaro. Recently, a thrilling development of a subpopulation that is new found in San Rafael de las Tablas, Zacatecas.

The Echinocactus grusonii typically grows an individual, gradually developing, globe-shaped stem elongating in readiness. It can achieve levels of 3′ with an approximate width of 5′. At a mature age, offsetting can be done with numerous multiples occurring also at smaller sizes. This cactus possesses pale green, heavily ribbed stem. Ribs have many areolas. Radial spines are bright yellowish in color. Flowers are diurnal (opening during daylight hours and shutting at , and bright yellow (1 1/2 – 2 inches wide) night. Plants form a circular, 360 level halo the cactus. Plants develop from the end of springtime through summer time, starting whenever subjected to sunlight. Interestingly, this cactus will not require cross pollination to create stated plants.

The Echinocactus grusonii is really a plant that is relatively simple develop. They thrive in rich, well soil that is drainingi.e., lava grit, pumice and clay), with restricted peat or leaf-mold. It is best to repot during the springtime months if the plant has outgrown its container. Typically, they must be repotted almost every other 12 months, in order that they get fresh soil. To explain, this will not constantly imply that a bigger cooking cooking pot is necessary. Once you’ve re-potted your cactus, avoid watering it for about 1 week (or somewhat more). Start using a potassium that is high through the summertime.

Water frequently during the growth that is aestival (summer time dormancy – a success strategy the place where a plant temporarily slows growth and/or becomes inactive through the summer season). Although the Echinocactus grusonii still does need an amount that is good of, you must be mindful to maybe not overwater. Constantly allow their soil dry between waterings. Don’t allow water to stand/collect near or around the origins. Also, don’t put water on the human body of this plant whilst in sunlight. This could effortlessly easily cause sun burning, resulting in scarification, fungal infections and death! Continue to keep dry through the wintertime months.